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I do not sell i will only trade.
I grade sound from 1 to 5, some will agree some wont, its in my ear only that i judge.
I try my best to give each gig a fair rating.

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Below is my sound grading for gigs.
4=Very good
2=Below Average

Ive been collecting stranglers live bootlegs since 1985.
My first bootleg was 27th February 1985 London Dominion Theatre, i bought this from Birmingham from the market stalls that was just outside the oasis clothes shopping centre. It cost me £2.50 the time. This set me on many years collecting live tapes and videos later to become CD'S and DVD'S now mp3's Flac wav etc.

I will be listing all gigs i have and the tracks i have from each of the gigs, with comments about each gig, If Anyone does see anything that does not seem right please let me know. I have judged the sound as i hear it, some will agree some wont, this is all my own personal opinion. I have put a comment at the bottom of each gig, anyone who wishes to add more information or have any interesting comments about the gig please let me know and i add it, If any comment seem incorrect please let me know.

I only trade and i will never sell anything that i have so please do nor ask because i will not sell.
Trading Rules
2CD for 1 DVD

I can also send files through WeTransfer

New traders please contact me at the following email address